Look What You Made Me Do

“Look what you made me do…”

I’ve been receiving a fair amount of DM’s asking why I decided to archive all of my Instagram images (don’t worry they haven’t been deleted or fully removed from my profile).  The simple & quick answer is that I really wanted to completely re-do/vamp up my Instagram profile however my new “theme” goes beyond just basic bikini pics…

When I was only four weeks old I came close to death because I wasn’t receiving any blood to one of my ovaries. At four weeks old the doctors surgically removed my ovary leaving me with a scar across my stomach.

Growing up, this scar was something I was extremely self-conscious of and continued to be self-conscious of, especially when I got into modeling. I thought designers wouldn’t choose me to model their clothes or swim suits because of this “imperfection” on my body.

I am now 26 years old and it has taken me quite some time to fully accept and love myself. Not everyone is perfect but, our imperfections really do make us unique, special, different and mostly importantly… YOU. No one is you and that is your power.

In this social media consumed world it is important to not only showcase these imperfections but, to talk about them too hence why I stripped my Instagram feed and created a raw, sexy look at my life. I may not be a supermodel or as skinny as I want, I may not have the best hair or the greatest clothes but I wanted to ignite and set fire to this new mentality.

For those reading this, I challenge you to do something that makes you extremely uncomfortable and own it. See how it feels and see where it takes you.






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