Insiders Scoop – Skincare

“Sleep, drink water, and treat your skin.” – Georgia Louise


This past November I began working in a plastic surgeons/medical spa office. I was really looking for a career shift and aesthetics and skincare have always been an interest of mine. Upon arrival, I quickly learned that everything I thought I knew about aesthetics and skincare were completely inaccurate.

This job has motivated me to start a new skincare/aesthetics portion of my blog where I give “insider” tips on products, procedures, etc that we should all be aware of, as we begin the aging process. This week I am going to focus on face care must haves,Β so ladies and gentlemen let me begin by introducing you all to SkinCeuticals.

Like myself, I’m sure many of you have not heard of Skin Ceuticals before, so heres the breakdown. Skin Ceuticals is a skin care regimen that is fully backed by science. The products help to prevent signs of aging, maintain healthy skin, and prevent damage. If you want to research more, Skin Ceuticals has TONS of useful information on their website.

Product Breakdown

As I slowly transition into this new skincare regimen, I wanted to share with you all what products I am using to maintain my skins health.

  1. H.A. Intensifier: Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and literally go and buy this product right now. To say its amazing is a complete understatement. H.A. Intensifier is a corrective serum that is used to increase the skins natural production of hyaluronic acid. This products not only hydrates your skin but it improves plumpness. BUH BYE under eye creasing.
  2. Blemish and Age Defense: This serum is another miracle product. It reduces adult acne (yes, I still get acne even after puberty) and improves signs of aging skin. This products helps to decongest clogged pores, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and corrects uneven skin tones. After over a week of using this product I can already notice a drastic difference in my skin texture.
  3. Phloretin CF: This product is a vitamin c serum that helps protect your skin from the environment in which you live in and also helps with fine lines and discoloration. This product in essential for anyone who lives in the city. I live in the absolute heart of Los Angeles, where there is tons of pollution and smog. It is vital for me to use a product like this to protect my skin from this environment that can cause premature signs of aging (scary I know).

Please comment below if you want to hear more “insider” tips. Have a beautiful day!




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