My Injectables Experience

I’ve been in LA for almost five years now and having plastic surgery or injectables is like stepping outside to walk your dog, aka its a common trend. I have never really been a huge fan of injectables because I’ve seen some cases when people have turned out completely botched and looked way better before. BUT I have always supported friends/family when they have wanted to get something done. Hence, its not my body and people have free will to do whatever they want.

As some of you know, a few months ago I began working at a plastic surgeons office. I took the job because the practice specializes in treating breast cancer patients and loved the fact that I would be giving back. Our office has a medical spa side and when I was asked if I wanted to get my lips done for social media I decided to go for it. I had never had anything done before so I was extremely nervous. What made my mind at ease was knowing that our practice specializes in natural looking results. I knew that our providers were amazing and have had amazing outcomes with patients.

So lets get to the process. They put numbing cream all over my lips and I waited 30 minutes before it really kicked in. Yes I continued working at the front when I was numbing and yes people probably thought I was foaming at the mouth. After 30 minutes of numbing I was taken back to one of the rooms. My mouth was pretty numb so I wasn’t sure what the pain level was going to be. Let’s also not forget that they were filming this for social media so I had to play it cool even though I was in a complete state of panic. The provider wiped off the numbing cream and began injecting. The best way to describe how it feels is a sharp pinch aka OUCH. It definitely hurt but the pain wasn’t unbearable and the injections only took a couple of minutes.

Fast forward about a week after the swelling process was completed and absolutely LOVE my lips. They look unbelievably natural and perfectly plump. For anyone interested in getting their lips done make sure to do your research and go to a provider that really knows what they are doing.

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3 thoughts on “My Injectables Experience

    1. I guess it depends on someones pain tolerance! For me – it would definitely hurt but my friend had it done at my company too and said she was totally fine without numbing cream. I hope that helps and lmk if you have any other questions!!

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