At the beginning of this year I decided to take the plunge and try out Latisse for the first time. I had heard stories about the product before which made me hesitant to try it however, after an examination from the doctors at Cassileth I decided it was time to purchase it.


I have always had okayyyy lashes but I wanted mine to be longer and thicker. Eyelash extensions seemed too daunting with the upkeep so naturally I looked for another option. As I stated above, I had heard of Latisse but never purchased it before. After getting tons of recommendations from the office to try it out, I purchased it. Fast forward three months and BOOM my lashes are longer and stronger than ever.

For those of you who also want long, spider lashes, I definitely recommend this product HOWEVER, make sure to get checked out by a doctor before purchasing. If you decide to take the plunge and join the long lash gang, I wanted to list a couple of tips and tricks for getting the most use out of Latisse (since it is $$$).

  1. The box will come with applicators, throw those away and use a narrow eyeliner brush instead. This will allow you to get closer to the lash line.
  2. One drop goes a long way. I put one drop every night in the cap and use that for both of my eyes. By doing this, I still have over half the product left, and its been over three months.
  3. For the first three months I put the product on every night but now I only need to put it on every other night for upkeep.
  4. Place the product on your lashes right before you go to bed because it will make your eyes all wet and glossy.

If you have any more questions on Latisse make sure to list them in the comments below!




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