Highland Park, LA

I absolutely love finding adorable streets like this in Los Angeles. Most of the city is shockingly… dirty. The beauty of this street really inspired me to create another fashion lookbook. I hope you all gain some fashion inspiration after viewing how you can really dress up some simple pieces. Outfit details are listed and linked below:

Outfit One: TOP Revolve, SKIRT Levis, SHOES LF Stores, BAG Cleobella

Outfit Two: DRESS Reformation

Outfit Three: ROMPER Revolve

IMG_1377 2IMG_1386 2IMG_1401 2IMG_1409 2IMG_1432IMG_1499-2Facetune_05-05-2018-15-43-09 2Facetune_05-05-2018-22-53-34IMG_1439 2IMG_1446 2IMG_1482 2IMG_1503 2IMG_1583 2IMG_1591 2IMG_1601IMG_1602 2pic

Photos taken by Justin

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