#selfcaresundays by Rebecca

#selfcaresundays are one of my favorite days of the week. It’s the ultimate “me” time where I can relax and unwind, write content for my blog, light some candles, and listen to my favorite playlists on Spotify. Here are some of my favorite ways to unwind and spend some quality time with myself on Sunday to prepare myself for the week ahead.

image one

  1. When I wake up (generally really late, like 11am on weekends) I instantly go over to my kettle, boil water, and make French Press coffee. During the week I don’t have the luxury of making French press (since I am up so early) so this part of my Sunday is ritual. While I’m making coffee I like to clean the living room and kitchen, light some candles, and put on my favorite Sunday Spotify playlist, Stress Relief. I like to create the perfect atmosphere for me to relax, drink my coffee and write on my blog.
  2. If I’m feeling active I always go to Runyon Canyon to hike. I love hiking alone on Sundays because it gives me to to think, feel gratitude, and exercise my mind and physical being as well.
  3. The most important part of my #selfcaresunday is, of course, skincare. On Sundays I love dry brushing, and exfoliating my skin in the shower. If I feel like taking a bath I’ll drop in a bath bomb with some candles lit #ultimaterelaxation. When I get out of the shower or bath I always put on a layer of shea butter and then body oil. This completely hydrates my skin and creates the smoothest texture for the next day. Lastly, I love doing two face masks, a clay mask to pull out my pores and a honey mask for hydration. Face masks are so great for your skin and really gives you a deep clean that your skin needs. If you all want more info on my Sunday skincare routine, comment below and I’ll create a more in depth post about it.

I hope this all inspires you to take some personal time for yourself. Let me know in the comments before what you like to do for your #selfcaresundays.



Images taken off of Pinterest. Photo linked here.


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